Customer Service

Every contact you have with a customer is an opportunity to build upon that relationship. At the center of a successful customer care strategy is the need to add value each time these communications occur. An effective customer care model can actually decrease your reliance on customer acquisition and grow your business in a more efficient fashion.
Optimizing each customer contact is the key. A well-handled complaint can actually become a positive experience in the eyes of the customer; an inquiry for information can be converted into a sale; and an account question can be an opportunity to add valuable information to your database.
Go Solutions focuses on enhancing the customer experience by providing consistent service delivery across all customer contacts. We have customer care experience spanning virtually all industries and applications. A brief sample of this experience includes:

  • Repeat purchases
  • Change of personal details
  • Complaint and issue resolution
  • Billing information
  • Thank-you calls or other client-initiated information calls